The Team

Because we value our clients, we want them to know who exactly they are working with.

Come and meet the Middletons of Middleton PA Services.


Co-founder & Accountancy Executive

Jessica Middleton

Co-founder & Accountancy Executive

Born in Yorkshire, Jessica moved to Oxford with her family in her early teens. True to her northern roots, she has, from a young age, had passion and drive. Now, happily married to Luke and settled in South Wales, Jessica continues to apply her varied work & accounting experience having worked within the retail, hospitality, leisure and online sectors, as well as her drive and determination, into every project she takes on, always giving 100%.

Luke Middleton

Co-founder & Accountancy Executive

Born & raised in South Wales, Luke has always been a home bird, until he met Jessica, whom he married in 2016. He deems himself 'a bit of a nerd' as he excels at computers and loves figures! With a varying work history, including; social work, construction, accounts & administration, Luke brings an array of experience.


Pauline Middleton

Accountancy Executive

Born & raised in South Wales, Pauline has always had an eye for detail and a fantastic work ethic. As Luke's Mother, he definitely gets his love of figures from her. As a multi-talented individual, Pauline has a vast knowledge of accounting systems, brings a plethora of accounting experience & works tirelessly to make sure her clients needs are met.


Executive Business Manager

With over 20 years working in the corporate finance world, team & business management are Stacey's speciality. The Queen of systems, processes & team management, Stacey is a vital member of the team, enabling Middleton PA Services to keep running smoothly. 

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Maria Barber

Social Media Manager

Maria joined the team at the beginning of the year, filling the role of chief content writer and social media manager.

This comes as a huge help to Jess, who had previously been wearing the social media manager hat. 

See some of Maria's work on our Instagram page here!

Tillie Tarbuck

Trainee Accounts Assistant

The youngest member of the Middleton PA Services team, Tillie has aspirations of being an accountant & bookkeeper. 

Intuitive, clever and hard working, Tillie makes a fabulous addition as their newest trainee!

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